the cure's lullaby

what impressed me more, during the Miss Singapore Universe 2006-show just, was not the contestants (pretty as they were), but was that The Cure's Lullaby was used for one of the evening-wear segments. and i reckon that's pretty cool, innit? IMHO, of coz

and of coz here are some other recognizable Cure-tunes fer ya:
yesterday i got so old i felt like i could die
i don't care if monday's blue tuesday's grey and wednesday's too
whenever I'm alone with you you make me feel like I am home again
we move like cagey tigers we couldn't get closer than this

the ridiculous thing was, in the "early days"; i used to confuse The Cure's Robert Smith with Adam Ant (yes i was ignorant) - mayhaps becoz of the makeup? LOL ... yes, t'was sad, yes ... :p