"Making Of Batman" Preview Video 1988

"1989's Batman turns 25 today, and it's obvious by now that it laid the groundwork for the comic book movie boom of the last two decades. However, back in its day, the movie was very much a hard sell, and there was no guarantee that it would even reach theaters. So in 1988, the studio had to create a 20-minute behind-the-scenes introspective to demonstrate to investors that this then-new take on the Caped Crusader could prove its worth in the market." -reported The Verge.


Do You Remember LPs?

My younger brother Benny has always been the audiophile of the family (and still is), with a keen ear for a luscious audio lifestyle, with most of these LPs ("Long Playing") vinyl records belonging to him - now somewhat "abandoned" to us, since he moved out (or so I delude myself surrounded by a "musical past" I have since embraced and cherish).

While I was obsessed with cassette tapes, Benny had subsequently progressed to vinyl records. And while I had subsequently jumped the music-journey and adopted CDs / compact discs, he was enjoying the audio scratchings from turntables, constantly upgrading players and sound systems, ever searching for the sweet sound enveloping a space, while I chose to let tunes insert themselves direct into my ear lobes via cheap headphones LOL

On hindsight, I reckon he embraced the soundscape, while I instead sponged up the instant audio gratification. Different strokes, different beats, I guess.

Also funny how I retain my fascination with the "printed" aspect of music - not counting glam-mags like "Smash Hits" etc - first in the form of cassette tape inner folders covers, and the instance of CD-inner covers, and now, the designs of LP-covers. I truly enjoy the tangible hand-held somewhat collectible aspect of these print outs - featuring designs, illustrations, song lyrics etc …. something that audio/song downloads from the internet will never provide me with … or maybe I'm just simply a "hoarder" … Heh.

Fast forward to the NOW, if I had the ability and space, I would get myself a record player, decent speakers and immerse myself in the landscape of sounds I have denied myself all thru my adult years, and embrace said audio scratches like my long lost beloved … meanwhile, I have been slowly recollecting CD albums of my cassette collection instead :p

Dreams notwithstanding, here are a few select snaps of select 12" singles and albums based primarily on the 80s (which I have Instagrammed on @toysrevil loads, perhaps to the dismay of folks looking forward to pics of "vinyls" of a different kind instead ;p) - for your visual pleasures, and perhaps an archival of sorts, of an era of what might be sounds past, but lives on in my present still.

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