Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is now open for enrollment! 80's theme promotional viral video for #XmenApocalypse

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is now open for enrollment! What happens when you DO call the number ("1 800 312 9951") provided? Will you hear Stan Lee's voice again?

An aspect of the latest mutant big screen event the marketing folks have surprisingly not touched upon till now (that I know of anyways, and if I don't, "they've" failed anyways! :p) = "The retolicious 80's"! The kitsch is undeniable, the style unavoidable, and with all the "seriousness" going on with superhero-comicbook to=screen adaptations in recent years, THIS seemed like such refreshing (tho "retro") FUN!

The 80's fashion theme was seem recently in the #80sXmen meme tho :)

X-MEN APOCALYPSE ( / #XMENonFILM) premiered on Singapore screens May 19th, and May 27th in the USA … don't suppose there's a "SG Hotline" to call tho? :p (Quick! Someone do a Singlish parody dub soonsoon!)


Cassette Tape Collection

I grew up on "cassette tapes", particularly in the 80s. From bootlegged "chrome"-tapes to off the shelf goodness - I pretty much spent my 80s being musically-educated by the West (3-for-SGD$5 bootlegs are the best, as I could sample and try out more obscure bands!), as well as a smattering of Canto-tapes (which has since mysteriously disappeared from whatever little collection I had left, yes, even my Alan Tam tape is missing *cough*) via cassette tape collections.

Even with the advent of vinyl albums - it did not really catch on with me (my brother instead got bit and hard lol), my sentimental heart remained still with tapes.

I had accepted the reality of Compact Discs a little later than I should, which sort of worked out well as by then the albums and bands from the cassette generation had become "classics" or "retro", collections were plentiful and even cheaper than the new ones - so I could "upgrade" and not feel the pitch. Even with the advent of downloadable tunes, I had still clung unto the notion of CDs (and still do) - whereas cassette tapes have become a memory of yesteryears -fun to own, but hardly pleasing to the sensitive ears of today.

These are some of the tapes that exist still in the collection, some of which belonged to my sister as well. The trick now is to get a cassette player, so that I could listen to them again! LOL


R.I.P. Prince (1958 - 2016)

Woke up Friday morning here in Singapore and read about the passing of Prince ... And featured above was the first song that popped into mind.

There were of course others - my first eye-popping experience with "1999" on MTV, the whirlwind that was "Purple Rain" (album and movie), the charm that had been "Rasberry Beret" from the album "Around the World in a Day" (which I remembered trying to track down the cassette tape for in the mid-80s), distinct memory of shopping at Tower Records (in Pacific Plaza) for "Sign o' the Times"…

Prince, to me, was the embodiment of "an artist" - not just a performing artiste, but also a painter of the soundscape, an illustrator of songs, a "creator" of a world in which he sang, dance, played guitar, and entertained.

#RIP #prince #firstavenue #minneapolis #drawing #illustration

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From artiste known as a symbol and back, I remember Prince also for his collaborations which led to my wonderful musical journeys with "Wendy and Lisa" (formerly from his band "The Revolutions") and Sheila E. - whose musical mark was always distinct, and loved by extension.

On April 21, 2016, he died at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota (Source: bbc.com). "No cause of death has been stated. A post-mortem investigation will take place on Friday."

Truthfully, it doesn't matter much "how" he had passed (to me anyway), but rather he left us at the age of 57, and the world has lost yet another musical genius. R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson.


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Not a whole lot of music videos featured here, as Prince was excruciatingly stringent on copyright of his works, but here are some select choices and additions.





10 Songs You Didn't Realize Prince Wrote

With Sheila E.

Wendy & Lisa with "Are You My Baby"


Dunearn Secondary School - Year One Class Photo (circa 1982)

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THIS was how we all looked like in Secondary One circa 1982, in Dunearn Secondary School. It was a tough year .. in fact, all 4 years (turned 5) was a tough year for growing up, having veered down a skewered path by the time of my 'O' Levels - but not enough to get jailed or anything malicious like that, but lame enough to fail school LOL

I was in the Computer Club, but did not last past a single meeting (I wasn't smart enough, I guess) ... I was in the Choir, but didn;t last long because my voice broke shortly and there was no placing for me (my popstar-dreams faded pretty quickly) ... and the longest time I spent in, as the Drama Club, until we danced support for a club production "Grease", then I got disillusioned and quit LOL

I never was too sporty in any instance too ... So I never truly felt I "belonged" anywhere or with anyone, particularly since I was not part of any "cliques" (even though I tried for some time, but realized I was more of a "sidekick" than anything HAHAHAHAHA), and the last thing I remembered, was I was more of a "clown" those salad days, ever happy to "entertain" actually hahahaha

And what got me thru, perhaps was "music", and the infinite worlds they took me to, in my audioscape dreams :)

Regardless, 3 decades on, LIFE continues forth!

Frankly I cannot remember if we had any further class photos taken in subsequent years though ... :p


Depeche Mode's first ever TV Appearance on French Television

Depeche Mode making their first ever TV Appearance on French Television on TF1 Paris performing " Just Can't Get Enough " and using live vocals during the performance. April 14th 1982. #EPIC

Seen below is another video of their performance, this time dated April 15th 1982 and on another TV Appearance in Paris at Live L'Écho Des Bananes at the Theatre Empire Paris (1982). Depeche Mode played 4 songs "New Life", "Just Cant Get Enough", "See You" and "Shout".

Source: Depeche Mode Information Service - 1981
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