#onehitwonders - "The Captain Of Her Heart" by Double & select tracks from "Blue"

"The Captain Of Her Heart" by Double was/is one of the myriad of tracks from the 80s that might be presented in a "Best-Of" compilation, which to me is a far better circumstance that songs who do not even place.
""The Captain of Her Heart" is a single by the Swiss duo Double in 1985. Taken from their 1985 album Blue, the song is a ballad about a girl waiting in vain for her absent lover to return. The song was an international success, reaching #8 in the UK Singles Chart and #16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In a retrospective review of the song, Allmusic journalist Stewart Mason suggested that the song is "one of the great lost one hit wonders of the mid-1980s." Mason wrote: "The Swiss duo never managed to capitalize on this song's casual sophistication and melodic grace, but it remains a glorious anomaly"
I did not know they were a Swiss band until wikipedia-ing for this post too LOL :p

Here are some select interesting tracks from their album "Blue" - first time hearing them too haha:

Visit ‪http://www.doublecity.com‬ and ‪http://www.facebook.com/kurtmaloopage‬ for more information about Double and Kurt Maloo. For booking Double's Kurt Maloo write to info[at]cafeswizz.com.


#Found #CassetteStash

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Nothing exemplified the 80s better than "cassette tapes", for me personally. And while they went well beyond the 90s, I had by then shifted my focus to Compact Discs ("CDs"), and ironically as digital downloads are the norm in this generation, I still look for the odd CD of songs from long ago., most and maily from the lone uncle at China CSquare Central on Sundays - where every once in a while, when I have cash in my pockets - i'd go flipping thru the stacks of CDs on his table, collections of which were mainly from over a decade ago and before, which suited me to a T LOL

I remember being in Bandung circa 2009, and finding out the robust cassette tape scene there, and relishing the influx of memories haha

These days, they are less for audio fidelity purposes than for "collectibility", the value not measured in the dollars and cents, but in the memories they hold between the two spools.

Here are just a few snaps of a stash I came across recently :)

#Found #CassetteStash #henglife #SoftCell #StrawberrySwitchblade #BEST

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2 of my utter fav bands - Soft Cell and Strawberry Switchblade!

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never could resist the new romantics ;)

**More images HERE on Tunes-Talk (post-80s albums and bands :p)

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