remember your ABC

lemme say this upfront first: I Love ABC.

Absolutely ABC playing from my 14" teevee brings me back to the days of yore, where i'd unashamedly admit to being a thorough fan, devouring anything ABC came up with (and which i could afford, which wasn't much, mind :p) and i find myself a decade (or so, give and take lah :p) later, picking up this singular music dvd (in my entire collection) as a treat for me own birthday (last year).

looking back, they succumbed only in the initial "new romantics" movement before reinventing themselves (more "sanely") but always dapper in suits or "hip-casual", IMHO. but fashion-victimization aside, their music; personally ~ withstands the torrents of time, more so a particular track which haunts me at this very moment, lyrics screaming into my inner subconscious .. but still i move not my ass and instead of "work", im here on this blog with my memory-headtrips *muahahahaha*

and of coz, sharing the music videos :)

- if I were to say to you "can you keep a secret? "
- when your world is full of strange arrangements and gravity won’t pull you through
- once upon a time when we were friends I gave you my heart. the story ends
- I`ve seen the future, I can`t afford it
- the message is perfectly simple the meaning is clear
- debonair lullabies in melodies revealed in deep despair on lonely nights

tracks/music videos missing from the list:
Vanity Kills
Ocean Blue (lovelovelove this)
The Night You Murdered Love
King Without a Crown
One Better World
*help anyone?* :p

see what Martin Fry is up to nowsadays ... and yes, they will be and are missed terribly, the casual carefree pop that brings a sense of chilled nostalgic peace, embodied in a single dvd now ... *heh*