retro stickers

while i do have a personal fascination (and respect) for the sticker phenom subverting the collective-mass-consciousness of urbania, i claim not to know much more than what i see nor it's inception and conception ~ what i do know of and remember very fondly, are these type of stickers:

stickers from my childhood, circa early 80's. i remember them going for ten to twenty-cents per sheet (measuring around 16cm length by 6.5cm height), of varied bootleg images and cartoons ... and i horded and lorded over them with a passion that parallels that of Gollum, for his "precious" and a box i filled to the brim, which has since mysteriously disappeared (ie: i can't remember what i had done to them nor the box) and off to sticker heaven they go, still intact and complete (i've scarely removed or used them!) ...

"bootleg" becoz logically, they must have been, becoz most times there were "color-imperfections" (deliberate i suppose? kitschy-goodness, i insist! :p) - ie: the green Wile E.Coyote and blue Sylvester - but im not one to nit-pick (or "wasn't"), altho the "Prod" numbers printed on them always implied that there were tons of sticker-varieties being produced, innit? and i remember trying to keep and collect them chronologically ... can't remember the result tho (missing box, remember?)

from familiar cartoons to superheroes, the stickers embodied an era, culture and design-style of the past that personally, is irreplacable and as much as i can muster, will try to re-collect and keep for as long as i can.

and if anyone out there has any scans or images and liketa share them here, please do PM me, yeah? *cheers* :)


D.T.C. Studios said…
where can I order these stickers
I bought these at a flea market, D.T.C. Studios :)