game over

while i have no disillusions of my gaming skills (ie: non-existent) i've always considered myself a basturd abandoned-child of the 8-Bit-era ... faintly fantasizing those glory days pounding the games arcades in musty shopping centers and triumphant high-scores which garnered fame and glory-babes ... yes, all an illusion, mind ... hell, i struggled with handheld Game&Watch (like Octopus, Western Bar etc), much less step into an arcade - so tis with domestic Nintendos and Ataris my memories lie ... but not these choice games, as animated in stop-motion-goodness by PES:

watch original QT-movie here

even until now, i've barely engaged in ANY form of arcade games, with the scant exceptions of stock car racing every now and then (and at "Auto" too) LOL