within you'll remain: an iconic pop song of the 80's

ADDED 12.10.08: Due to overwhelming request (more than 1 request is overwhelming for this particular blog L:OL) - I have actually found Tokyo Square's "Within You'll Remain"!

remember this?

(not actual video)

i can imagine the grimace on some folks faces, as they recognize the opening melody, especially us "slightly mature adults" (*cough*) ... the young'uns would probably go: *huh? WTF?*

local-Singaporean band Tokyo Square's Within You'll Remain has to be one of the most enduring (if not endearing) local songs of the 80's - and as prolific as a local pop-song, and i would dare say even "iconic", IMHO. admittedly, we never really gave it it's due and respect back then, most times belittling it because it had used oriental/chinese songs/tunes as influences. we labeled it "obiang" or "or-bit" (ie: backward and tasteless) because of that musical-mashup. and as the butt of jokes it's popularity maintain at the lips of most folks ... which thinking back, was as "powerful" as any promotional marketing campaign could attain. and decades later im having a hard time to track down any tangible information about Max Surin and Tokyo Square on the www. (somebody do a wiki-entry!)

have you heard of these? recognize the tunes?
- That Is Love
- Can't Let Go

the irony of it all being, we were secretly listening and enjoying Within You'll Remain back then (eh! don't bluff! LOL), but didn't really acknowledge it amongst ourselves - until decades later when we CAN admit to it (and when the facial-skin is not that thick anymore LOL). and frankly, given the circumstance and group you're in (this is very important too), one might even enjoy a rousing karaoke-session with it, don't you think? i would. pass me the mike now dammit! heh.

sing-along (you know you want to and nobody has to know)
- Within You'll Remain (Karaoke Version) (checkout the cowboy town LOL)
- Within You'll Remain (Anime Karaoke)

NOT actual singer's voice but lyrics for you to karaoke with :p

on hindsight, i reckon we (as students) were too caught up with the British New Wave, J-Pop emergence and perhaps for some unfortunate souls, American Pop-rock (yes, i lurved "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" myself too *cough*) to actually / fully accept local music back then, most times comparing ourselves to foreign acts and bands, and in some ways, mayhap that notion have never really gone away til today ... altho yes, local acts HAVE been given their due, but still the disparity is there, don't you agree? but then again, what would i know? i listen and judge, i do not produce the music myself, innit? heh.

altho in the end, some songs will last and some songs will fade with time, but the classics will always remain in each person's heart ... well, for some people anyways :)

ADDED 2nd June 2008
found a remix-version! (by The Usual Suspects?):

very-teh-champion! LOL


Anonymous said…
You are so right, toysrevil. In fact when I came across the song on youtube, its starting music tells me I've heard before but never did give it enough attention.

Well, now I'm beginning to like its evergreen music.

A passer-by
toysrevil said…
cheers for the comment passer-by and hope you continue enjoying whatever music you may listen to :)
XiaoMei said…
i been hunting high and low for this song..any chance u could add mi to msn and send this song to me?
it's my childhood song and i really miss it so so much~

many thanks

my name xiaomei
papaBear. said…

check out this remix. (:
Anonymous said…


(: sorry.
Anonymous said…
I love this song! any more info on the band?
Maria said…
Was searching for the video but had no such luck.. Lol.. Chanced across this post.. x.x

But! Lol.. I'll have to disagree with you on the younger generation not being into this song. I've always admired songs with bits of oriental-ish touches to them.. Sets it apart, I believe.

Another reason I think this song is oh so totally fab, is because my Dad kinda proposed my Mom by singing this song so.. (:
toysrevil said…
To everyone who has commented on this post:

My sincere apologies for not replying earlier (becoz I havent updated this blog in a loooooong time :p)

Xiao Mei > i have it on my multiply - think you can grab from there! (link on blog-post)

papaBear > havent heard the remix version yet but am sure would be "tak-gong" one LOL

Anonymous > not enough info on the band at all! i tried online searches but not alot of archival info kept - i remember them very briefly from my teenage years (tat shows how old i am now lor lol)

Maria > aawwww that's really sweet (and im not being sarcastic) - and perhaps your lurve for oriental-ish touches in songs back then sets YOU apart from the rest :)

cheers y'all!
Mike said…
Does anyone have a link to the original oriental version?