fashion 80s (part one)

while i'm under no delusions whatsoever that the following pictures are going to be securing me any rabid female fans anytime soon (or forever), i'd thought it was time to exorcize past fashion-nightmares and dust off them horrid fashion-styling pictures of the 80's for everyone's enjoyment LOL

above-image was circa my Depeche-Mode-"period",emo before emo became fashionable in the new millennium, innit? all-black angsty jackets, blazers or sweats, parred with studded accessories or wristbands, most probably bought from LIPS at Far East Plaza ... and while aviator shades was not exactly THE fashion at the time (can't help it that i was forward-fashion-thinking, innit? HAH), it was one of the few i could actually afford :p

this was smack at the "end" of the British New Wave "Romantic" period, but without the frilly-bits (what? you thought i was insane? LOL) - think more ABC with their lexicon-suits - and what you can't see in this awful flash-pic is that the jacket had that shin-lexiconish texture! i believe this was my Dad's wedding suit from days of yore, of course parred with a crisp-white shirt and hanky-in-the-pocket ... and of coz not to forget the trendy white-framed shades! Whoo-Hoo!


FYI: Humble apologies if the images have contributed in any way to your sudden lost of appetite or desire to go scrub your eyes out - tis not my fault your tolerance level is low! LOL

Note: do feel free to send in yourself in fashionable-80's gear and a short write-up of your memories (altho i doubt if anyone would partake of this LOL) toysrevil [at] yahoo [dot] com