sayonara 80's: muxtapemonday

I SIMPLY CAN'T. LET. GO ... as sure as i can't let go of this blog (however little i update it :p), i am reliving my 80's over and over again with music @ TOYSREVIL.MUXTAPE.COM - longing for the days of innocence (no, not of the pimples and low self esteem issues, thanks LOL) and excitement with every newfound-tune, and wonder which music used to bring me - my solace, my escape, my cloud9-express to sanctuary, away from the aforementioned pimpledom and inner self-destructive-desires-unfulfilled ... altho the trip has been sweet, alas tis time to come on down to earth, but not after another quickie trip round the moon and back and perhaps this may be the last 80's-themed muxtape ... for now (also i couldn't find enough torch-songs to fill a cassette LOL) peep the songlist and cheesy cassette-tape-cover for download and print :p


Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
The Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor!
Japan - Cantonese Boy
Roxy Music - More Than This
Visage - Fade To Grey
ABC - Poison Arrow
Scritti Politti - Perfect Way
Human League - Human
Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock
Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Darklands
The Pale Fountains - Thank You