the music of dick lee in the 80's

Admittedly, I used to lurve Dick Lee songs - especially the earlier ones (and still do lah), the first song evah heard being FLOWER DRUM SONG. From out of my little mono-speaker'd white and black Panda cassette player (wish I had a picture of it now tho :p) - for which I used to record songs off the radio and unto cassette-tape. The frustrating thing about that song, was that the Radio DJs just yammered on (and on and on and on) when the song started, and even before the song ended, but didn't mention the song's name or singer! Radio DJs back then always like dat one lor! (Or maybe I was slow LOL). Somehow I heard the song again in a music shop and immediately recognized the strains of the Chinese/ Mandarin lyrics (which were from a Chinese folksong).

[Rasa Sayang]

Personally, his earlier albums like "Life In The Lion City", songs from "Fried Rice Paradise" and "Songs From Long Ago" (lovely covers album) resonated within me - moreso than "The Mad Chinaman" - which most of the mvs posted here are from, and where the general public knew him from. Does that mean there weren't any music videos prior Mad Chinaman? hhhmmm


I still have some of the earlier albums and singles in LPs, whereas the tapes have all since disappeared ... come to think of it ah, where are my Dick Lee-albums leh? *sighz*

I reckon Dick was a genius back then, a (cultural) renaissance man who melded Asian and local Singaporean culture with pop - regardless if intentional or not. Easy-listening pop and quasi-jazz laid-backness endeared his tunes to me. And dare I say " unpretentious-pop"? Before the masses (or rather garhmen) started to embrace and lauded him for being the musical-cultural icon of Singapore - not that he doesn't deserve it, but rather "tainted" by establishment and diluting his "street cred" (or perhaps I am too delusional here LOL). Regardless of my opinions, Singapore IS richer the experience with the existence of "Richard Lee Peng Boon" lah :)

And actually looking thru the music videos now (I haven't seen any of them prior to prepping this blog-post!) - you could actually see 80's fashion and scenes of Singapore life and locales back then! (Orchard Road never change, ah? LOL). I recognize most of their faces, but do YOU?


"Richard "Dick" Lee Peng Boon (born 24 August 1956) is a Singaporean pop singer, composer and playwright. He is best known as a Singapore Idol judge, but often too as spokesperson for the New Asian generation." [wiki]

And I know the following song is not 80's (actually circa 90s) but I heart this song too much not to post lor! LOL *enjoy*

[Lover's Tears by Sandy Lam]