Retro80s-Thursday Special: Christmas Eve Edition (Dec 24.2009)

Seeing that this is Christmas Eve Thursday 2009, this week's Retro-80s tunes are all Christmas songs! Twittered, Blip'd and Youtubed for your retro-enjoyment pleasures :)

[Put A Little Love In Your Heart by Annie Lennox & Al Green]

- Winter Wonderland by The Cocteau Twins ~ ♫

- Santa Baby by Madonna ~ ♫

- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by The Pretenders ~ ♫

- Christmas Lullaby by Belinda Carlisle ~ ♫

- Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses ~ ♫

- Christmas Is a Time to Say I Love You by Billy Squier ~ ♫

- Christmas in Hollis by Run-D.M.C.~ ♫

- All I Want For Christmas by Timbuk 3 ~ ♫

["Baby Please Come Home For Christmas," by Bon Jovi/The Eagles]


- Hey Santa by Wilson Philips ~ youtubed

- Christmas Day by Squeeze ~ youtubed

- Jingle Bell Rock by Hall and Oates ~ youtubed

[Last Christmas by WHAM!]

Seriously, how can we NOT have WHAM's Last Christmas, yeh? LOL

Christmas in the 80s lasted me thru foolish-fashion schoolboy years, til the late 80s when i had my hair shaved and donned military camo-wear. We celebrated X'mas only for the opportunity to dress-up and strut down Orchard Road (most times outside Tangs, because their decor rocked lol) or some years at Far East Plaza (but the lot of us couldn't match up with the Far East Kids' duds, so why "disgrace" ourselves, innit? LOL) ~ trying our darnest to impress the lay-dees, or "chicks" as was coined in that decade.

With mixed wear from Printemps (rocking my scarlet-red plastic thin-belt, yo!) and bargain-bins discounts from Isetan and even Tangs, I'd try to blend in with the more "well-to-do" boys (who do not shop from discount bins lol) and trying to start a trend with our uber-white washed slip-on sneakers. Although on hindsight, the "1-inch-above-ankle" pants' length did not seem to get much attention (or rather the wrong impression given out LOL). Regardless of the result (*cough*), I reckon we had fun ... although I can hardly claim to remember it was fun ... the photos showed us smiling like goons, so it had to have been fun, right? heh.

The end of the 80s were decidedly different, where each of the group had gone to different schools or institutions after secondary school, and I had a girlfriend then, which started my journey down X'mas themed-parties and other nocturnal activities. I has "grown up" and had money to spend (like the pittance from the army could starve off the cost of a X'mas buffet, innit? HAH).

Merry Christmas, Folks!