Covering The 80s: Music Resonance

(Meat Beat Manifesto covers Depeche Mode's "EVERYTHING COUNTS")

A perpetual cycle in humanity's eternal search for good tunes and musical-resonance, is the habitual practice of "covering" songs ~ ie: re-sing/re-perform and re-release old(er) songs, sometimes with a slight twist and/or update, to suit the times (ironically strongly encouraged on American Idol these days LOL), which sorta works out well in a business-sense, as it does tap on the age-old defined market of nostalgia, and pre-publicity with a history. Unplugged, synthed-up, technofied or straightup grunged & punked-up ~ some covers worked wonders (and gave it a new lease of life), while some fell tone-flat (and made folks scurrying back to the "originals") ~ regardless of result, the tunes linger still, and allows the past to remain in the present, for a hope for a future-survival.

(Scott Weiland covers Depeche Mode's "BUT NOT TONIGHT")

Can YOU guess the "original" singers/band in the 80s of songs covered and listed below? No googling or wikipedia-ing! Just have some fun with it ~ should be easy-peasy for you fossil-80s-fans (like me muahahaha) and perhaps a crunch for alla you young'uns! (who I doubt read this particular blog, but who knows these things these days?). Answers in the comments section ~ no prizes tho (if I could, I would make you a mixtape, but alas, they exist not in my life any longer LOL)

01. Use Your Love by Katy Perry ~ ♫
02. 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger ~ ♫
03. I Want Candy by Good Charlotte ~ ♫
04. If You Leave by Nada Surf ~ ♫
05. How Soon Is Now? by Love Spit Love ~ ♫
06. Forever Young by Youth Group ~ ♫
07. Eyes Without a Face by Scooter ~ ♫
08. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me by Violent Femmes ~ ♫
09. Dancing With Myself by Blink182 ~ ♫
10. The Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague ~ ♫
11. Blue Monday by Nouvelle Vague ~ ♫
12. Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson ~ ♫
13. Take On Me by Reel Big Fish ~ ♫
14. It's My Life by No Doubt ~ ♫

(Above-list of songs were tweetered for my weekly-ish retro-80s-Thursday via circa March 18th 2010)

(Alcazar covers Human League's "DON'T YOU WANT ME")


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