TRE-Retro80s-Thursday: Sheffield Electronica (April 8.2010)

And while ABC still remains an eternal all-time favourite band of mine, Heaven 17 provided me the electro-funk I needed back in the day, while The Human League had me all emo'd-up back with the tunes and lyrics, back when "emo" was known as "growing pains" or at the very least "teen-angst". These are some selections for my weekly "TRE-Retro80s-Thursday" (Tweet-blitz song-list for April 8th, 2010 via TRE-Twitter @

/// Tears Are Not Enough by ABC ♫
/// The Look Of Love by ABC ♫
/// Ocean Blue (DreamTime Mix) by ABC ♫

["Be Near Me" by ABC]

/// We Live So Fast by Heaven 17 ♫
/// Penthouse and Pavement by Heaven 17 ♫
/// And That's No Lie by Heaven 17 ♫

["Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry" by Heaven 17]

/// Human (Commentary Trail Edit) by Human League ♫
/// Heart Like A Wheel by Human League ♫
/// Seconds by Human League ♫

["Tell Me When" by The Human League]

Why this week's particular selection of ABC, Heaven 17 and The Human League? Because they all hail from Sheffield, UK and because of this lil nugget I read on Wikipedia:

"In November and December 2008, The Human League got together with Martin Fry's ABC and Heaven 17 for 'The Steel City Tour' of the UK. This was Philip Oakey's concept of a joint tour of all three bands celebrating the original electronic music of early 1980s Sheffield (the titular Steel City)...."