Curiosity Killed The Cat

[Song: Down To Earth]

Curiosity Killed The Cat was one of those 80's bands that came, swept folks off their groovin' funky feets, then upped and faded into memories past. I would be lying if I'd claimed to remember the group's name at first listen, but the tunes are a decidedly different case. Stumbling unto them on youtube (the mecca of past 80s memories via music videos) and listening to them again, had put a smile on my face this post-rainy Sunday noon. There is this faint recollection of owning a cassette of their 1987 "Keep Your Distance" album, but alas that too remains an unsated memory.

Ironically, looking at the music videos, the understated cool-cat fashion-sense of this British quartet had made a pretty decent transition to the 90s, alongside later day boy bands, doesn't it? Heh.

[Song: Misfit - which guest starred Andy Warhol in the video above]


- First Place
- Red Lights (Audio only)
- Free
- I Need Your Lovin
- Hang On In There Baby