Cassette Tape Collection

I grew up on "cassette tapes", particularly in the 80s. From bootlegged "chrome"-tapes to off the shelf goodness - I pretty much spent my 80s being musically-educated by the West (3-for-SGD$5 bootlegs are the best, as I could sample and try out more obscure bands!), as well as a smattering of Canto-tapes (which has since mysteriously disappeared from whatever little collection I had left, yes, even my Alan Tam tape is missing *cough*) via cassette tape collections.

Even with the advent of vinyl albums - it did not really catch on with me (my brother instead got bit and hard lol), my sentimental heart remained still with tapes.

I had accepted the reality of Compact Discs a little later than I should, which sort of worked out well as by then the albums and bands from the cassette generation had become "classics" or "retro", collections were plentiful and even cheaper than the new ones - so I could "upgrade" and not feel the pitch. Even with the advent of downloadable tunes, I had still clung unto the notion of CDs (and still do) - whereas cassette tapes have become a memory of yesteryears -fun to own, but hardly pleasing to the sensitive ears of today.

These are some of the tapes that exist still in the collection, some of which belonged to my sister as well. The trick now is to get a cassette player, so that I could listen to them again! LOL