Videomixtape (June 28)

Thursdays have become my default "RETRO" day of the week, as I bounce serendipitously down memory-lan and indulge in remembering the tunes of the '80s. Ignoring this blog in favor of Facebook, I have been posting music videos from select folks for a while now, each with a lil'snippet of a note along with them, but somehow too short to be posted here?

So without the need to start a new tumblr, or deny this blog it's relevance, I've since started a way to make updates wrk both on my Facebook (which frankly get's more response than this blog) and here … "VIDEOMIXTAPES"!

The concept of video-mix-tapes is simple. I will choose and post a series of approx 5 songs on "each side" of an imaginary cassette mix-tape via music videos from Youtube, and you listen, that's it! LOL

Here is SIDE A of the TOYSREVIL Videomixtape (June 28)

Here is SIDE B of the TOYSREVIL-Mixtape (June 28)