The Sunday Flea Market @ Clarke Quay (circa early-2000s)

Snaps from the Sunday Flea Market, at Clarke Quay, around early-to-mid 2000, before it got turned into the (wannabe) posh nightlife and food venue it is now. Every application was held Tuesday evening, where you are either drawn to display your wares indoors (two stories, with air conditioning), or outdoors, facing the streets, lined thru to the Satay Club, to the back where nobody goes to except kidswho bug their parents to hahahaha

I am sure I took plenty of photographs (all printed, none digital), but alas all I am left with now, are low-res scans of that one table that one time I got drawn for an indoor table (2nd floor, no less hahaha). Will update more pics if I can find them :p


A. Sharma said…
Hi. I visited Singapore recently - after a 15-year gap - and was looking for the venue of a flea market that I went to in 1999. I seem to recall it was at Clarke Quay as you mentioned in this blog post. It had a lot of vintage collectibles, used toys etc. and an open-air narrow street on one side with food stalls and street-side tables and chairs.
Everything at Clarke Quay is so different now!Just to help my recollection, please do let me know if the building that you mention in your blog (in and around which the Sunday flea market was held) is the same one as the one which currently has the bar/restaurant called 'F&K'?