"EDEN" from 'Everything But The Girl' (1984)

Remembering the classic boss nova chill of 'Everything But The Girl' also known as 'EBTG' - send a feeling of a lazy carefree Sunday breeze up and down my spine. The truth being, I only discovered them in the mid-90s, after listening to their Best Of Album, without actually realizing the above particular track was from their debut album in 1984!

And while they've since gone D&B and even their separate ways and solo album (tracks from whom I still enjoy), I still listen to their "oldies" with fond delight and slight surprise, especially with the sounds heard for the first time by myself for their album "EDEN".

"Eden is the debut album by Everything but the Girl, released in 1984. It contains their first UK Top 30 entry, the number 28 hit "Each and Every One". The cover design was by Tracey Thorn's former colleague in the Marine Girls, Jane Fox. Eden was reissued in 2012 as a remastered 2 disc Deluxe Set by Edsel Records." (via Wikipedia)
All tracks composed by Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt:

1. "Each and Every One" – 2:48
2. "Bittersweet" (Thorn) – 2:50
3. "Tender Blue" (Watt) – 3:05
4. "Another Bridge" – 2:13
5. "The Spice of Life" (Thorn) – 3:30
6. "The Dustbowl" (Thorn) – 1:39
7. "Crabwalk" (Watt) – 2:02
8. "Even So" (Thorn) – 3:24
9. "Frost and Fire" – 2:31
10. "Fascination" (Thorn) – 3:06
11. "I Must Confess" (Watt) – 3:20
12. "Soft Touch" (Watt) – 3:12