"The Reckless Club" by Billy Butcher

Designer Billy Butcher from Brazil replaces characters from "The Breakfast Club" with Singers from the 80s, to form the irresistibly punkpoprocktastic "The Reckless Club"! This would've made an awesome soundtrack if the artists contributed their songs!

Seems the "alter-egos" of his Post Punk New Wave Super Friends has a musical side to them, and a rebellious one at that!

The swell thing is, you can also purchase these images as posters/prints via his Society6 and/or Red Bubble! With the square format, they would've looked great as faux LP-sleeves too, IMHO!
"This is a tribute to the great writer, producer and film director John Hughes, that touched a generation of teenagers through 90-minute pop psychology high school life lessons, followed by amazing soundtrack music."

Pics via Billy Butcher's Behance / Source via Laughing Squid