Television Documentaries featuring "The Smiths"

The Rise & Fall Of The Smiths (C‬irca ‪1999‬):

30 minutes' worth of a UK TV documentary narrated by Marc Almond, circa 1999. Good watch. "Business" and perceived "ego(s)" should always be separate, least they combust unto themselves, both fanning each others' unquenchable flame, innit?

‪These Things Take Time‬ -The Story Of The Smiths:
"These Things Take Time: The Story Of The Smiths (documentary) features a special feature about the story of the Smiths, with previously unseen performance and behind-the-scenes footage. Includes interview with Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, Sandie Shaw, John Peel, Stephen Street and many others." (via)
‪The Smiths : Not Like Any Other Love‬:
"2013 UK Documentary (Culture Show Special) featuring lifelong fan, Tim Samuels, setting out to find out why The Smiths have such a special place in the hearts of a generation. The Smiths were only around for five years in the mid-eighties, but to this day the sentiment their music evokes is strong.

Samuels talks to a variety of dedicated fans including Stuart Maconie, Wayne Hemingway, Simon Armitage, MP Kerry McCarthy & Noel Gallagher, to analyze the look, the lyrics, the issues and the riffs."
‪The Importance Of Being Morrissey‬:
"(2003) UK TV Documentary Narrated by Christopher Eccleston, With contributions from Johnny Marr, Alan Bennett, Kathy Burke, Noel Gallagher, Nancy Sinatra, Linder & others." (via)