Do You Remember LPs?

My younger brother Benny has always been the audiophile of the family (and still is), with a keen ear for a luscious audio lifestyle, with most of these LPs ("Long Playing") vinyl records belonging to him - now somewhat "abandoned" to us, since he moved out (or so I delude myself surrounded by a "musical past" I have since embraced and cherish).

While I was obsessed with cassette tapes, Benny had subsequently progressed to vinyl records. And while I had subsequently jumped the music-journey and adopted CDs / compact discs, he was enjoying the audio scratchings from turntables, constantly upgrading players and sound systems, ever searching for the sweet sound enveloping a space, while I chose to let tunes insert themselves direct into my ear lobes via cheap headphones LOL

On hindsight, I reckon he embraced the soundscape, while I instead sponged up the instant audio gratification. Different strokes, different beats, I guess.

Also funny how I retain my fascination with the "printed" aspect of music - not counting glam-mags like "Smash Hits" etc - first in the form of cassette tape inner folders covers, and the instance of CD-inner covers, and now, the designs of LP-covers. I truly enjoy the tangible hand-held somewhat collectible aspect of these print outs - featuring designs, illustrations, song lyrics etc …. something that audio/song downloads from the internet will never provide me with … or maybe I'm just simply a "hoarder" … Heh.

Fast forward to the NOW, if I had the ability and space, I would get myself a record player, decent speakers and immerse myself in the landscape of sounds I have denied myself all thru my adult years, and embrace said audio scratches like my long lost beloved … meanwhile, I have been slowly recollecting CD albums of my cassette collection instead :p

Dreams notwithstanding, here are a few select snaps of select 12" singles and albums based primarily on the 80s (which I have Instagrammed on @toysrevil loads, perhaps to the dismay of folks looking forward to pics of "vinyls" of a different kind instead ;p) - for your visual pleasures, and perhaps an archival of sorts, of an era of what might be sounds past, but lives on in my present still.