I Was A Failed Centrepoint Kid

VID DESCRIPTION: "A documentary excerpt on Centrepoint Kids - notorious, colourful, Singapore mall kids of the 80. This footage is taken from FEEDBACK, a popular current affairs show of the 80s. This is a promotional video for Wee Li Lin's upcoming fictional short film "Centrepoint Kidz" www.facebook.com/centrepointkidz" (27 Mar 2015)
I was a failed Centrepoint Kid. I couldn't really make it in the fashion nor attitude department. Sure we hung around the top 5th floor of Centerpoint the shopping complex (aren't really used to nor know of the word "mall"), stared down at girls on the top 5th floor, everyone of whom looked pretty "cute" at such a distance … and sure some of us will adopt the well known local equivalent of a mating call of the urban jungle: "choot" or whistle at the girls to catch their attention … then all 5 or 7 of us would split up into different groups or individuals and stand at different ares apart from each other - so whomever the direction the girls (we whistled at) looked up to, THEY / HE would have been the guy "chosen", and he would've made his way down to said girl's floor, and say "hi" and make friends. Simple.

There was only one guy in our group who ALWAYS got the girls anyways LOL

But then again, we were mostly in school uniforms in those instances. I ever did managed to join the group(s) on a weekend - once - and the crush of the mass was too outstanding to ignore. How to stand out like that? LOL

I remember one time I took refuge in TIMES the bookshop, while looking at thronging crowd lining up against the railings outside beyond the store windows, the pleasant silence and faint music on the room speakers was such a juxtapose with the chaos outside … oh man, fair enough I had an inferiority complex then, but better sense got a hold of me, and I automatically "failed" myself, and rather spend more time with my bestest fellow book-loving friend "Ramana" at Bras Basah Complex!

Never was huge with the ladies anyways, but I had me my comics and books, so I was good LOL

Then my fashion-tastes veered toward Bon Jovi and the likes … didn't go down well either, ripped jeans or not! hahahahaha



Carol19540 said…
I was one of them.. 1983/84,, I miss those days