Breakdance 80s Memory

I was part of a 3-sometimes-4 man crew back in the mid-80s, and we'd "rehearse" on the stage found at the end of our school's canteen, hoping to impress the ladies ... I did the "Robot" (but never popped-n-locked), while another guy was fit enough to be an all-rounder, and the tallest guy in the crew's speciality was standing on his head … I can't speak for the other guys now, but I was a terribly sad "poseur" LOL ... we never did challenge anyone or performed enmass in public, besides our mucking about "rehearsals" hahahaha

Decade later, I just wished we took some photos of our hijinks and getup - a somewhat attempt at group harmony dressup but at the same time exuding individuality! I scribbled on my canvas shoes with fluorescent colors, and cut up my sports wrist band to use as a glove … now THAT would be for the history books! Flashback-Whiplash and facepalm-worthy memory-lane jaunts hahahahaha


BTW, the feels was more the video featured below, rather than the classic evergreen shown in above film hahahaha

Now, THIS was my jam LOL: