R.I.P. David Bowie (1947-2016)

My earliest memories of the late David Bowie begun with songs from his 1983 "Let's Dance" album. The 80s were a time when music became a conscious entity in my soundscape even though I have been told I had a very *musical childhood (*and by that it meant my maid constantly sang for me, so my parents said … and no, I never did lear to play any single musical instrument :p), and MTV helped kicked that notion deep into my consciousness too! My first Bowie was the "Let's Dance" MV actually!

Slowly but surely, other tracks on that album came into fore, with "China Girl", and very soon, I dug into his earlier discography, and followed his songs up and down thru the ages, without any particular need to discern "WHEN" they were released, because they could be devoured at any time, and tasted delicious!

Some of my fav songs from his 80s period are featured here today (others can be viewed/heard HERE on #tunestalk).

In time, more tunes flooded my soundscape, and different acts and musicians ebbed and tided thru my earphones …

You were a musical hero of my growing teenhood, and I thank you for inspiring me with your constant re-inventions of yourself, and regardless of guises and performing personas, the sounds of David Bowie would always remain eternal.

Rest In Peace, David Bowie.