"Jubilee" for #80sXmen

(Above: "Storm & Jubilee" by Sofia Dibuja / Twitter @soffiaEs)
"#80sXmen started on Twitter because of Sir Jamie Mckelvie lamenting the incongruous uniform design for the new X-men: Apocalypse film. Seemed like a missed opportunity to really dig into the era for some fun, decade specific designs. They did pretty well with the 60s and 70s and the civilian attire in Apocalypse looks pretty good too. But those uniforms…hmmm. The original prompt for #80sXmen was to create 80s appropriate, film-ready uniforms for the X-men. " (Kevin Wada)

(Art by Elizabeth Beals / Twitter @ElizabethBeals)

And an online sketch-meme was born. Started by San Francisco-based illustrator Kevin Wada, the art-movement has since seen oodles of mutant fashion viewable on Twitter hashtagged #80sXmen - featured here is a sampling of retro-swishness that speaks to my 80s-loving-heart - dedicated solely to the young mutant "Jubilee"!

(Above #Jubilee vs "Siouxsie" goth by Liana Kangas / Twitter @lianakangas)

(Art by Lauren Baldo / Twitter @laurenbaldoart)

(Art by Stephen Byrne / Twitter @StephenByrne86)

(Art by Minmi Nzemi / Twitter @minmi_nzemi)

(Art by Melanie Christina / Twitter @PineappleSketch)

(Art by Hannah Moorcroft Magher / Twitter @H3mm)

(Art by Anna Hill / Twitter @annagracehill1)

(Art by Tami / Twitter @tmradoodles)