Dunearn Secondary School - Year One Class Photo (circa 1982)

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THIS was how we all looked like in Secondary One circa 1982, in Dunearn Secondary School. It was a tough year .. in fact, all 4 years (turned 5) was a tough year for growing up, having veered down a skewered path by the time of my 'O' Levels - but not enough to get jailed or anything malicious like that, but lame enough to fail school LOL

I was in the Computer Club, but did not last past a single meeting (I wasn't smart enough, I guess) ... I was in the Choir, but didn;t last long because my voice broke shortly and there was no placing for me (my popstar-dreams faded pretty quickly) ... and the longest time I spent in, as the Drama Club, until we danced support for a club production "Grease", then I got disillusioned and quit LOL

I never was too sporty in any instance too ... So I never truly felt I "belonged" anywhere or with anyone, particularly since I was not part of any "cliques" (even though I tried for some time, but realized I was more of a "sidekick" than anything HAHAHAHAHA), and the last thing I remembered, was I was more of a "clown" those salad days, ever happy to "entertain" actually hahahaha

And what got me thru, perhaps was "music", and the infinite worlds they took me to, in my audioscape dreams :)

Regardless, 3 decades on, LIFE continues forth!

Frankly I cannot remember if we had any further class photos taken in subsequent years though ... :p