The Summer Of Rave 1989 (Full Documentary)

"The Summer Of Rave 1989" is a documentary on BBC2 - First shown on-air June 2006 - charting the rise of the rave phenomenon which swept the country in the late 80's. Directed by Anna Davies, this nearly one-hour doc features archive news footage, interviews and also focusing on the 'Manchester' music scene which sprang up at the time.

My personal music journey continues to be vividly in the early-to-mid 80s, of the synth generation and New Romantics, with smatterings of Ameri-rock and early J-Pop, but untilamtely more England-fueled audio trip for nearly a decade during my teenage years.

I don’t know which might have THE particular song, or maybe it was more of a flood of tunes, but when “rave” and dance music returned like a vengeance, a mutated version of 70s’ disco, buffered no doubt by the “remix” dance versions of my fav 80s tracks, which lead to the new age of dance music.

“Acid House” has always been associated with “drugs” in the UK, but in Singapore - at least for me - it was just groovy dance music you can boogie your bums to, without the pressure of feeling you needed pre-practised steps to “perform” to on the dance floor … or maybe for myself personally, Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” came to fore, and American-based dance tunes soon took over my “New Romantics”-era preferences, as much as cassette tapes and vinyl LPs soon gave in to Compact Discs not long after.

It was a few short-lived years of “dance” before I swung back to the British era of pop boybands and girlbands :)