YAZOO - A Short Film (#Documentary) & Full Album for "Upstairs At Eric's"

I have mad love for YAZOO, parallel to my dedication to DEPECHE MODE, small wonder as Vince Clarke had been apart of both groups - in the early days of Depeche, when they scored a place in my heart, anyways.

And while Yazoo had only two albums to their name, that somehow cemented their “greatness”, because the albums were epic and that had not fallen from their pedestal with futher dismal album, as most bands were wont to do, I reckon.

1982’s “UPSTAIRS AT ERIC’S” will remain one of the Top Twenty Most Important Albums in the soundtrack of my life. Here’s the “full album”, thanks to youtube.


"Don't Go" (Vince Clarke) – 3:08
"Too Pieces" (Clarke) – 3:14
"Bad Connection" (Clarke) – 3:20
"I Before E Except After C" (Clarke) – 4:36
"Midnight" (Alison Moyet) – 4:22
"In My Room" (Clarke) – 3:52


"Only You" (Clarke) – 3:14
"Goodbye 70's" (Moyet) – 2:35
"Tuesday" (Clarke) – 3:22
"Winter Kills" (Moyet) – 4:06
"Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)" (Moyet) – 4:40