The Songs of Eight Wonder + The Beauty of Patsy Kensit

The simple fact is, I tuned into “Eight Wonder” because of Patsy Kensit, and with “music videos” the primary xxx of visual delivery in the mid-to-late 80s, I was happily head-bopping to their songs and smiling at the sight of Ms Kensit. Maybe I might have heard their tunes on the radio, but I cannot remember much of it, as addled as my memory had been recently (*cough*) … and how could I ever forget the happy pop of “Stay With Me”? Fuss free jaunt thru the urban mindscape of escape for this dull average boy in Singapore way back when, hand-in-hand with Ms Kensit, of course! :p

It also “helped” the fantasy when she’s about my age too (ok, maybe a couple years older :p) … *cough*

Alas their sounds very quickly graduated to the fast-paced Ameri-Electro-Pop, like in “Will You Remember?” and movie soundtrack-friendly “When the Phone Stops Ringing”, sounding like other ladies in the genre, like Kim Wilde (but less rock and more pop tho :p) … but regardless of my fascination with her beauty, today instead we focus on their songs, shall we? :)