Scenes from Comiket, Japan 1985

The concept of "Cosplay" was non-existent in my narrow little mind, back in the 80's. The notion of someone dressing up to parallel their favorite fictional beings, was kept to awful stage-plays and sordid television shows, much less the honored tradition of dressing up as anime and/or comicbook characters. I mean, what was the aim? What was the appeal, beyond being labelled as a "geek" or "nerd" in school?

As low esteemed as I had been in my misbegotten school-life, it had not dawned on me till my adult age, that those were the geeks with strength and determination to go thru and make their fantasies a reality, regardless of what folks might have thought. Alas, I had not even have the conviction to be myself, much less dared costume-up as someone else (created by others).

But come to think of it, the "closest" I ever got into cosplay, was attempting to dress like my favorite techno synth-bands, innit? Does that count? Heh.

Shown above is a recording of a "Comiket" convention in Japan, circa 1985.